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 Seeking truth

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I joined my friend Stuart yesterday at The Lowry to see the Unseen Lowry exhibition. We first went through the permanent collection with the expected industrial paintings. It is perhaps too easy to overlook at Lowry’s paintings, condescendingly, because we’ve seen them many times repro hung at our friends and neighbours. Although I can easily be transported in Lowry’s world and I love his quotes. I can’t help seeing his authenticity in his paintings and I believe him.

He said: “I paint what I see.”

Simple, yet conveying what we see genuinely is precisely what real artists owe to their profession. To have nothing between them and their work. In early 19th C John Constable expressed how his fellow painters were seeking the truth only at second hand.

‘[they] went at their canvases without feeling and produced “cold, trumpery stuff” as a result.’

Lowry demonstrates the opposite, painting was that part fulfilling his life and I don’t think that he painted to please any art critics or other connoisseurs. He observed and depicted what he saw indeed with his own point of view. True to himself. Constable also added:

‘The great vice of the present day is bravura, an attempt to do something beyond the truth. Fashion always had, and will have, it’s day; but truth in all things only will last.’

Mmm still relevant. And isn’t it applicable to us non-artists? Equally so!


Let’s start our quest for truth on a walk, join me to see the places two great artists painted in Manchester centre, one 100 years ago and the other today.

This month the inspiring: Contemporary art and Impressionism in Manchester.

Walk 1 Contemporary artist: ‘Now for Michael Ashcroft’ Saturday 28 September, 2pm
ending at Sam’s Chop House, one of Lowry’s favourite pub for a pint.

Walk 2 French Impressionist: Valette’s Manchester, Sunday 29 September, 2pm
ending at Mark Addy for a glass of wine.


Saturday 28
Sunday 29 September

0161 211 6602


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