What’s different about Charme?

Rather than just pitching you a foregone conclusion, Charme uses a consultative creative process, involving you at each stage. What’s more, each project includes a free follow-up consultation and an opportunity for further creative planning.

The Creative Process

Developed and fine-tuned over time, Charme’s creative process is all about you and your market.

After identifying your needs, we brainstorm various possibilities, zoom in on those that truly fit the brief, nurture and finalise them, and bring the finished concepts to life.


1) First steps

What do you need?
What are your expectations and budgets?
What needs to be said?

2) Research

What would be fabulous?
Creativity into overdrive, followed by research and

3) Creation

What does it look like?
The designer explains the choice of colours, fonts,
graphics and the design rationale.
How will these fonts and colours work for your

4) Teamwork

Are we there yet?
By consulting and collaborating, we find your
perfect design.

5) Production

Using high-end software and professional suppliers,
your designs reach perfect fruition.

6) + Follow up

What impact has your design had?
It’s time to review and assess, and look ahead to
future projects.

Creative Planning Service

Never take your eye off the creative ball: Charme’s Creative Planning Service helps you to outperform your competitors.

Creative planning in brief:

  • Free quarterly meetings
  • The chance to review the effectiveness of recent projects
  • Time to consider, anticipate and plan future design and web requirements
  • An opportunity to benefit from the expertise of a professional designer, right in your office

Why offer this?

The better we know you, the more efficient the creative process – and the more you know about web design and graphic work, the more easily you’ll plan your future projects.