From: Helen Bowles
Joie de Vivre Holidays Ltd
Subject: Re: Final newsletter
Date: 22 December 2012

Looks Great Stephanie, it really has come a long way from the newsletters we have sent out in the past.

From: Xavier Lavry
Alliance française de Manchester Director
Date: 13 August 2012
To: Stephanie
Subject: Re: Livraison des A5 aujourd’hui

Les leaflets sont bien arrivés cet après-midi, merci bien !
Ils sont très chouettes ! Merci !

From: Downs Carolyn
ELIE Project Director
Sent: 24 May 2012 20:27
To: Stephanie
Subject: RE: yesterday and today

I think you have a great company and absolutely superb ethical standpoint.

From: Christine Prédéry
Britmag Director
Subject: RE: p3 EDITO credi couv
Date: 19 June 2012
To: Stephanie

je souhaite te dire un grand MERCI pour ta persévérance sur les deux éditions.

From: Helen Bowles
Subject: Results so far from Easter 12 Mailing
Date: 11 April 2012 13:19:05 GMT+01:00
To: Stephanie

Hi All,
As you know, the ‘new look’ mailing went out to our customer base on 5 April – Easter weekend.
Some of the results to date are attached for you to consider, taken from VR Reports. In summary;
We emailed 14, 361 customers
21.52% of these opened the mail and 19.95% clicked on one of the links
11139 haven’t responded – yet.
We also sent a mailing in April 2011 so this serves as quite a good comparison;
12,263 customers emailed
16.88% opened and 7.17% clicked through.
I feel pleased that the results are much more positive than this time last year – and this must be a good deal to do with the new look (Well done Stephanie!)
I’ll also check the stats again in a week or so as I imagine quite a few people have been away for Easter and may not have found it in their inbox yet.
Of the the customers we added to the database between Jan and April 2012, 34% of them opened the mailing – a good result.
Customers added to our database in 2011, 24% opened it, 21% from 2010 base and so it reduces….as you would expect.
So is it resulting in more business? A difficult thing to measure, but have you received more enquiries via our website since 5 April?

From: Annaliza Davis
Directrice Entrepreneur
Subject: Re: BM52 Living In
Date: 4 April 2012
To: Stephanie

WOW! This looks fantastic!

From: Simon Copner
Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd
Finance Director
Subject: Website changes
Date: 17 February 2012

We are really happy with the website and impressed with the work you’ve done on it. Excellent work! Many thanks.

Britmag’s reader
Happy New Year ! I had to write to say that I bought a copy of Britmag this weekend and I thought the « new look » was absolutely superb. Well done ! I know these things take a lot of time, sweat, neurosis and courage but it is a huge success. The content seems more thorough too and although I don’t like the « jokey » bits it is now a magazine I will be happy to buy.
I have the impression that the ex pat demographic is changing and the Daily Mail/Daily Star readers are shuffling back to Blighty or spending their hours on Anglo Info, leaving the more literate ones to read the new Britmag. I hope so anyway.
Good luck and, again, well done !

Britmag’s reader
Je viens de voir britmag, du boulot, non? Logo cool, photos/articles … En plus je trouve que le mag a une sacré « gueule » maintenant.

From: ming lee
China Unlimited Partner
Subject: Charme Graphic Design
Date: 3 October 2011

Please find below details of Stephanie. Highly recommended.

Marc Luong

Thank your for your creativity and responsiveness.

From: Annaliza Davis
To: Stephanie

T’as vraiment saisi ce que j’essayais de ne pouvait pas réaliser!

From: Chris Fisk
Verve Lettings Director
To: Stephanie

Hi Stephanie
Just to let you know that I am very happy with everything you are doing – and your timescales!
Kind regards

Colin Bowles
Joie de Vivre Holidays Ltd

Designing our logo and brand was a daunting task for us and although we knew what we are all about as a company, putting that accross in our branding and image was a challenge for us until we met Charme.
Their process of working through our values and what we wanted to present to our customers and suppliers was thorough and professional.
We are delighted with the end result and feel the cost was money invested wisely. If you are looking for a thorough, imaginative and thoughtful approach to your design projects, I would have no hesitation in recommending Charme graphic design.

From: Lihong (Lisa) Fan