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Graphiste français


Print Portfolio

Making layouts is planning a brochure or a page of a magazine, indicating the arrangement
and relationship of the parts; highlighting the important information and the overall message.

The goal is to facilitate the reading and to bring character to the print requested, in accordance
with the company commissioning the work.


Annual Brochures

Alliance française de Manchester

The brochures inform you about the French courses on offer by the Alliance française de Manchester.
Each brochure is an invitation to learn French and the French culture with graphics and illustrations
that take us to Paris in an instant.

Brochure 2013-2014

Each brochure had a spec, one being luxury chocolate the other the traditional café. The approach was
to research a colour scheme in keeping with our themes that would draw the eye of the customer and stand
out from the crowd.

Graphics and illustrations designed with Illustrator.
Brochure 2012-2013

The design and presentation of the course structure is graphic rather than in tables which makes the journey
of the courses more interesting, appealing and fun. One take us through the Parisian metro while the other
is a delicacy waiting to be tried.





JB Deco Lighting

Catalogues are lists of items for sale systematically arranged and including descriptive material: 
a lighting catalog. This catalogue is presented as walking through the shop, with atmosphere,
warmth of a personal service and rythm.

Graphics and illustrations designed with Illustrator. Photos edited with Photoshop and layout arrangement InDesign.






Les Editions de l’Etier

Britmag is a publication that is issued monthly, written in English and distributed in France,
bound in a paper cover, and typically contains essays, stories, recommendations etc., specialising 
in the activities and attractions happening in the northwest region of France.

Britmag is distinctive on the shelves and a favourite of those expats thanks to the relevant
articles and to the design which highlights clearly the most important information.

The font size is consistent throughout, the length of the paragraphs and the alignment are kept short
to maximise an easy read. A balanced layout is assured with a grid which divides the page in three or
four columns and vertically in regular spaces.

The bright colours scheme also play a paramount part in making this magazine appealing and looking consistent.

Photos are edited with Photoshop, layout arrangement InDesign.

A testimonial from a reader

‘I had to write to say that I bought a copy of Britmag this weekend and I thought
the « new look » was absolutely superb. Well done! I know these things take a lot of time,
sweat, neurosis and courage but it is a huge success. The content seems more thorough too,
it is now a magazine I will be happy to buy.

I have the impression that the expat demographic is changing and the Daily Mail/Daily
Star readers are shuffling back to Blighty or spending their hours on Anglo Info,
leaving the more literate ones to read the new Britmag. I hope so anyway.

Good luck and, again, well done!’






Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd & The Alliance française de Manchester

Leaflets are small flat or folded sheets of printed matter, often used for advertisement distribution, new
offers or notices. Each of the leaflet designed here is clear about the specific message that the client
needs to communicate. The photographs and the graphics complement the message and grab the attention in
an inviting way.



Graphics and illustrations designed with Illustrator. Photos edited with Photoshop and layout arrangement InDesign.