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Posted 18 July 2014

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Baby gro


34 weeks this week! starting my maternity leave on the 1st of August.

I have planned my leave and I am currently finishing the French online test for my customer, The Alliance Française de Manchester. The French test is the stage 2 of the website that we’ve already designed and developed

Check soon your French level with an amusing and fully illustrated layout that will entertain you while your level will be officially and seriously tested.

While off work I look forward to nurture my little bébé to be – although many say that the real work is just starting. All the while I am planning to continue my dear project which suggest to integrate creativity effectively within businesses and within communities as well. I have defined a solution for small and medium size businesses that I would like to present to you on my return in January.  Since 62% of SMEs said for instance that their product or service meets customers’ needs by itself and that, as a result, they didn’t need to add anything extra.

Interestingly, 40% of businesses where turnover hasn’t increased in the past year do not use any type of design.

While businesses say they think design has become more important to competitiveness over the past decade, only a third have actually increased their investment in design in the past three years. Closing this gap is a key challenge for UK businesses and for the design industry. Source: The Value of Design Factfinder report © Design Council. 

In the 10 years I’ve been running my charming business I have had many requests that had no real prior thoughts to who the design was for or to how their investment could be justify. Leaflets or websites are on demand but where is the long term view I ask.

Why do businesses want to fit in? Why their requests are prompted to follow a competitor or the majority of businesses? Isn’t it missing the real point? what companies need is to stand tall with assertiveness and a unique character. I believe that each business has a unique character often at the image of its founder, the crux of it is to simply assume this unique identity. Enough pretenting or formal speeches and common USP, instead a communication with real enthusiasm and honesty straight from you and your employees is the creativity I suggest. My solution is to embed creativity much earlier in the design process, I have called it Creative Planning Service. 

Having a creative strategy before you decide to have a design done will allow your design to evolve fully the way that is right for your company and for your consumers. A design can only be as good as the goal that it is set to reach.

I have started writing the Creative Planning Guide which is the base of the service and I will run workshops from January. Trust me on this ‘I will be back’ I am very serious about creativity and creative thinking because I see too well how much it can benefit businesses and the well-being of employees. ‘Creativity’ as I talk about is a practice and an approach to work and to life.

Flourish a sane, vibrant and beautiful life – at work

Adapt to every stages of business life

Think wisely and well

Thrive on your reasoned aspirations, ideas and  beliefs

Adopt a great sense of appreciation for the world

Improve the communication within your work environment and engage with your work team

Be more assertive

Enjoy an inspiring and efficient business

Banish rush design process

Unlock your creative powers for the benefit of your company

Experience peace of mind

Raise to challenges creatively

Never take your eye off the creative ball

Outperform your competitors

If you are interested in creativity and creative thinking send me your interest by email and you will receive the Creative Planning Guide in première and an invitation to a workshop in January.

Starting my blog on the theme I look forward to share with you on a regular basis my search to define further what is creativity and how it can impact on the success of businesses and on living with more meanings.



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