On Friday the screening of the film I AM BREATHING in Poynton raised £1109.67 for the MND association

100+ people attended the Civic Hall and the event increased the awareness of the disease

The film is the testimony of a 34 years old father hit with MND*. A tragic story of Neil Platt and his family. His body is shutting down, his abilities taken one by one. More and more equipment is needed to maintain his survival while their little boy Oscar is oppositely growing and gaining these exact same human abilities.

One of Neil’s sentence stays with me “Give me a favour, live your life”

Thanks to the film I’m realising that our acts don’t have to be world-changing or heroic, simply helping your child walk, a hug, crack a joke… do our best wherever… we don’t have to make a difference as such. Just breathing, being there, using our senses, appreciating the moment, PLAY OUR PART SIMPLY and HAPPILY for our families, for our society or for our customers, these are the legacies we each leave. Those smallest and simplest actions are what make our lives.

Simple aims

  • Positive and playful
  • Appreciative
  • Active and happy to play my part

I am grateful to have seen the film and to Neil and Louise Platt for sharing their experience.

My biggest thank you is to Lindsey, my sister in law and to her husband Mark who also is currently living with MND. I love seeing them both as we always pass fun and lively moments x x x



* MND (Motor Neurone Disease) is a devastating, fatal disease for which there is no effective treatment and no cure.

More info about MND – mnda registered charity No 294354

Many people living with MND and their families tell that fundraising empowers them to fight back and maintain positivity at a very difficult time.

Watch the film

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