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Displays Portfolio

Displays can be packaging design, signage or exhibition displays, anything that
is in essence showing the customer “the product” or purpose of the business.
It needs to highlight the important information and overall message.

The goal is to allocate a role to the display in question and to bring character

in accordance with the business vision and philosophy.



Phoenix Limited

This beer can is on the market in China, shipped to Shanghai from a Manchester brewery.

The main colour and the name take inspirations in Manchester sporting glories and is
instantly recognisable
. The design is unique and playful on the emotions yet free of
any existing known visuals which would deam it to infringe known copyrights. The blue
is know to symbolise nature and renewal as well as vigor and vitality. Limited to 3
colours for cost implications and printing practicalities white was chosen for is contrast.






Monbana is a chocolate factory established in the northwest region of France and exported all
over the world.
 The designs are for a Valentine’s collection.
The heart shape was favourite
and the theme was developed in several varied way appealing to different markets and age groups.






Varied displays for companies

Corporate identity & Naming by Charme graphic design 
Verve Lettings Ltd

Displays expose a company so less is more in this case! The message is clear to maximise
the impact on the passing customer, eye catching, memorable, enticing, depending on the
role of the display. Who needs to see everything at a glance in a shop front? It needs
to invite you in.