Designed in England
Graphiste français


Corporate Identity Portfolio

To me a corporate identity is the image projected by a company. It tells

a story to its audience about what the company does, how it does it and most

distinctively who are the founders, the engineers at the source. It explains

the philosophy and the original values for creating the business as well
its future ‘where the company is aiming to go’.

The graphics can be abstract or conceptual rather than literal although not

always but are put together in a language our conscience and sub-conscience

can interpret.


Logo design

Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd

Based locally in Bredbury this environmental waste company expressed the need to update their
to differentiate themselves more clearly on the market. Best known as PCWS the name is
 prominent and consistent with the website which includes the online shop on

The green colour was kept to permit a continuous transition between the known image and the new
The fresh and dynamic round movement echoes the recycling symbol which is the essence
of the business. The orange
 highlights the professionalism and the expertise provided when
using Pure Clean.

Within its own set of guidelines the logo is repeated throughout the company materials, from

printed stationery such as business cards, invoices and fact sheets to vehicles graphics for

maximum impact on the road, often a missed opportunity as well as online.

Now for some technical stuff!
All the logos by Charme are designed with Illustrator using vector drawing (also
 called paths,
or strokes) which lead through locations called control points. Each of
 these points has a
definite position on the x and y axes of the work plan.
Vector graphics are ideal for printing –
Since the graphics are made from a series of mathematical curves. It will print very crisply

even when resized, for instance a vector logo can be printed small on a business card
then enlarged to a billboard size and still keep the same crisp quality. In comparison
raster graphic on Photoshop would blur or pixelate excessively if it were
 enlarged due to
its low resolution.


JB Deco Lighting Ltd

This logo symbolises the light rays in a rhythmic way. The company was set up in Manchester 
a Chinese manufacturer to sell their lighting products in the UK. The logo conveys the identity
of a professional 
company hooked up on design and specialist in their industry.

The vivid colours were chosen to represent the high tech products as well as representing the
origin of the business. High tech lighting also comes with economical and environmental benefits
the green initials and the leaves
 convey this benefit in a subtile way.





Logo, graphics and layout

Mark & Co for app Betwars

Based in Paris this studio required a creative to create the visuals for their app’s idea.
The app 
encourages users to bet with friends about simple everyday events. Fun orientated
rather than for 
monetary gain the app was designed to be interactive and stimulating.

The logo shows the playful character as well as
 the competitive aspect of the game which
only adds more fun.

The golden colour scheme used throughout the app hints to the competitive side of the game
as well as giving it a warm open and welcoming feel.

‘Merci pour votre créativité et réactivité’

‘Thank your for your creativity and responsiveness’

Marc Luong





Logo design and Naming

Joie de Vivre Holidays Ltd

The cockerel invites you to enjoy the relaxed and authentic countryside in the regions of
Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon and the Côte d’Azur in the South of France. 
The villas for
rent can accommodate 
anyone who fancies that je ne sais quoi in the sun. The warm
destination is personified
 with the Gallic rooster a symbol for France (dating back to the
collapse of
the Roman Empire and the formation of Gaul.) It finds its origin in a play on
word on gallus
 (Latin for rooster) and Gallus (Gallic). “Cocorico !” (French for
“cock-a-doodle-doo”) is often
 used as an affirmation of French patriotism, usually in an
ironic manner. This symbol welcomes
 the savoir-vivre typically français, calm yet
jovial with festive traditions and
 embracing the local produce and artisanal savoir-faire.
Enjoy a return to the sources in
 this authentic setting.

The lavender colour and the olive green are most representative of the south region and the
conveys its passionate character like the blood invigorating quality of life; The open
wings and light bouncy character hints to you to savour flavours 
on a plate, cheer your taste
buds at the local market or express your views at the café.
 Pure Joie de vivre for holidays.