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07 May 2015                          Twitter – Fb – LinkedIn – Pinterest

Are we obliged to feel happy?

I have no reason to be unhappy therefore I feel obliged to be happy. My only legitimate difficulty is the deprivation of sleep i’m experiencing for over 7 months now, the age of my baby who is wonderful but who doesn’t sleep more than 3 hours in a trot – difficult to feel yuppie of course but still I expect to feel happy.

So when I feel any lower than happy I feel doubly bad, one for not being chirpy and two for not knowing what makes me happy as such. Does anyone know what makes them happy? I’ve heard that we measure happiness with comparison to others… I admit I do this with those I know and with those I see only snapshots from and from which I imagine a full happiness. God I hate Facebook.

This front image we put on is illusive of a perfect life. The trendy Mindfulness is a great thing but its exasperating to have to feel positive and joyful all of the time. Before yesterday I decided to let go on feeling happy.

Instead I appreciate the other feelings or even my lack of feelings. They are temporary, they all help with self-development and open new situations. So no is my answer to Are we obliged to feel happy? And I’m relieved. Its ok to feel whatever else each day, it doesn’t mean that we are actually unhappy. I’m more relaxed and acceptant of my lot in the present moment, and of the lot of everybody else too. And guess what?… I feel happy.




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