About Charme

Translate your business message into a visual delight that captures the imagination.



Businesses thrive on creativity and a brilliant design can make your message fly.

Creative thinking, anyone?

Creativity is all about:

  • the playful and the positive
  • limitless imagination
  • innovation and inspiration
  • an abundance of ideas

Add all this to practical business knowledge and you have a rather magical result.

Take a look at our dazzling portfolio of Print, Web, Corporate Identity, Displays; notice how each design is created to suit the person or company in question. Wouldn’t you like an inspiring design totally tailored to you?

To see more visuals we venture out in Manchester centre, the emphasis here is on people who shaped the city Guided tours & walks.



You can’t succeed with ideas alone; there’s a lot of expertise behind the magic at Charme.

French-born, with a background in art and advertising, Stéphanie is the brains behind all that is Charme.

The studio started in 2004, working on all communication media from print to websites, and for clients in England, France, China and Australia.

Global reputation, personal service: what more could you want?

How the expertise helps you

  • Do you want your business to present a likeable and trusted image?
  • Do you want your audience instantly to have a feel for what you do and what your values are?
  • The only way to achieve this visually is through brilliant design… and the only way to get brilliant design is to blend creative inspiration with a lot of experience and skill.

Thankfully, Charme has all of this in abundance.

30% of Charme customers are based abroad
Global reputation, international experience.

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce article.



Limitless ideas

A positive abundance of creativity.


Low impact, low cost

Cycling to meetings or using Skype.


Favouring local suppliers

Better ethics, better value.


Fantastic value

Avoid those agency overheads.