Promotional products or sample products; which one is it?

It is no wonder that the terms promotional products or sample products are often interchangeable, and some business may promote their promotional items as sample items and vice versa. The truth is that promotional items do have the capacity to act as sample products and vice versa. However, there are certain factors that differentiate between these two factors, such as:

Any item can be branded and presented as promotional item

Common promotional items include branded mugs, logoed pens, engraved USBs, and so on. These products are simply provided by a manufacturer, and a brand simply prints its name on the promotional items. While, these items serve as a mean to introduce a brand name to a prospective customer; it does not educate a customer on the use of the product.

The pioneers of promotional products are continuously spurring new promotional products that bears the name of the brand—these products work as “advertising mediums” for a brand, and it brings a scope of usability to a customer.

For instance, a customer can use a branded mug for drinking coffee or, use it a penholder. Or, a recipient can use the USB for storing crucial data in it. In short terms, the branded item simply advertises the name of the brand to a prospective customer; but, it does not inform a customer on why they should purchase from a brand.

Sample items are provided by a brand

With the number of products available on the market, customers are reluctant to purchase from a brand, and they want to experiment with samples or tested provided by a brand to make up their minds regarding a product. Sample products serve as an example of the product, and it allows a customer to evaluate their purchase decision based on their experience with the product.

For instance, if you own a skincare business, you can distribute the samples of your products to gather feedback from your customers.

Promotional items and sample promotional products are important in their place, so businesses should utilise them wisely for garnering optimal outcomes. You cannot expect promotional items to serve as sample products of your business and vice versa.